Monday, February 6, 2012

A very sad, sad day today.  Our lay pastor at the village of Nyamatoka died yesterday at the age of 37.  He was a wonderful evangelist and I had just bought him new tires and tubes for his bicycle last week.  He was also a teacher (we don't pay our lay pastors) at the primary school just three blocks from our mission.  All the students in Karen's school knew him and loved him.  Neema came in this morning and was crying so much it took almost a half an hour to get all the details.  We have closed school here for two days.  His funeral is tomorrow.  The school district is paying for the coffin and transport.  We are paying for food for his family for the next two months at least.  He leaves a wife and eight children.  It is a big loss for everyone and especially for the church.  His church is on the other side of the hills separating us from the Serengeti National park.  Several times his parishioners would lose their cassava crops to elephants, but he kept their spirits up.  This is the second pastor we have lost to death in the past four years.  Yet we know he has gone to far, far better place than he has ever been.  He is one of those who will hear, "Welcome, my good and faithful servant."  Yet, life goes on.  John has a big meeting with TTCL (national phone company) that may involve their buying thousands of iPad like tablets for a project we can't talk about as yet.  Later this week, I will be ordering Bibles, mosquito nets, desks and other things the One Book Foundation has sent money for.  As the Apostle Paul wrote, "In the midst of death, we are in life."
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