Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sylvester Magero came by today to get his last tuition payment for Bible College (seminary).  He and his wife have been attending for three years and today was the final payment--they will both graduate in July.  It has cost us $300 per year for each one of them (books, room and board, tuition, everything).  There have been times when one or the other was sick and needed medical treatment and a couple of times when bad crops had them needing food money, but I would guess that overall we have paid less than $1,500 U.S. for three years of seminary for two people which is a lotta bang for the buck and we will have two new pastors come August.  They have both worked hard and made good grades, so God bless them.  Bwana Masele borrowed some money to grow some crops that failed and came by today for an advance on his pay as a teacher.  If he doesn't pay the equivalent of $40 tomorrow, he will lose his house, his bicycle and everything that could be sold.  Of course, we advanced him the money and then I will forget to deduct it from his pay because that makes us both feel better.  Our Australian missionary friend, Samantha Archer, had her fifth child in Nairobi yesterday.  An eight pound boy named Joash Matthew Archer.  The family is now seven with five children (three girls and two boys).  They are a wonderful family and we love the few times we get to spend with them.  Her parents have been here from Australia, but they will go back from Nairobi, and the Archers will be back in Bunda in another couple of weeks.  Can't wait to see the baby.  God is good.
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