Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remember the "kama" relevance?   Well, we had more trouble with the car today, so we didn't get the filter delivered to the Anglican seminary--maybe next week "if".  John and Shaban are going back out to the well site tomorrow "if" the rain holds off tonight.  John got all our female staff out dancing in Martha's Place doing traditional Tanzanian dancing and our security guard Amos was doing the drumming.  Then the girl's in Karen's school got up and did their version of the dance.  John videoed the whole thing and edited it down to a six-minute segment.  I will post where to find it as soon as he posts it on YouTube.  You'll love it and remember all of these people work here or go to school here.  It's a hoot!  We got word that one of our board member's mother had passed away and so please remember Patricia Harlan and her family in your prayers.  Patricia has been here twice and made her mark.  God's love is great.
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