Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living in Tanzania has a lot to do with the word "kama" which means "if".  We left for Mwanza at eight so we would get there around 10:30am "kama" there were no problems on the road.  There were: we were stopped twice by the police to check our papers (okay, of course), and we had a puncture (flat tire for you Americans) that we had fixed in twenty minutes and back on the road, but that now added getting the tire fixed to our list of things to do.  We were going to find a pump for John's well project, and Afri-Dev which is a hand pump for developing countries invented by Lifewater in Canada "kama" there were any in Mwanza--there weren't.  The closest agents are in Morogoro which is a thousand miles from here or in Nairobi, Kenya.  So, the pump hunt is still on.  We were going to get the air conditioning fixed "kama" all the parts were available.  They were, but it still crashed on the way home and still needs repair.  Doesn't mean the day was  a total loss, however.  I was able to get a massage (my last one was in the U.S. in April of 2011) because the lady was not at a funeral (which happened last time).  John found a Samsung store and bought something for his tablet and we were able to get some non-African food at a store there where most missionaries shop.  They had no sugar substitutes for my diabetes but said they would order some for next week.  That's a plus "if" we are able to get back down there next week. 
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