Friday, February 3, 2012

John, Karen, and Shaban went driving into the bush today to try to find a village where they could do a sanitation and hygiene workshop.  They had trouble finding a village where anyone was willing to speak for the whole village.  A little disappointed, they were heading home and John saw a group of about 25 huts in a large circle.  There was a woman with children sitting in front of one, so John stopped the car and hopped out and went over to talk to her.  She told him they had no water in the village and she and the others had to walk eighteen miles one way to get water.  Everybody in the group was related and the woman loved talking to John.  John, being who he is, said that he would be back and start dousing for a spot to dig a well.  It will cost around a $1,000 to hand dig a well for them, but John will use some of his own money and will put out a plea for help to come in the form of gifts to PayPal.  I've never seen John so excited about something before.  Karen and Shaban were as excited as John was.  We are told the water table is only about 30 feet down in that area, so this is definitely something that can be done.  I'm proud of John, of course.  Once the well is in, then the families will need a sanitation and hygiene workshop and maybe a couple of biosand filters.  A good day's work.  I have no doubt that this will happen.   Sometimes dreams really do come true.
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