Tuesday, February 14, 2012

John had a good day with his meetings in Musoma but even better he found a fresh cantaloupe that had come in from Nairobi.  Juliana and Lusi were afraid to taste but then fell in love with it.  The word for sweet or good tasting here is "tamu" and they were saying "tamu sana, sana" or very, very tasty.  John is going back tomorrow to renew his residence permit.  All he needs is the current permit, a copy of that permit, his passport, two copies of his passport with the permit stamp page visible, three copies of the application, six passport sized pictures, a letter from the General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Tanzania asking that he be renewed, a copy of that letter, and $550 in American money only.  Easy peasy.  Next year, he will be applying for Tanzanian citizenship.  If he gets that, he can start getting paid for all the work he is doing for Tanzania and we will begin to have a steady source of income here.  That would be a big deal.  We got another $300 toward the three-villages well project, so I think that will happen before this summer.  They are going to start doing concrete work later this week.  Valentine's Day is not celebrated here, but we did here at the house.  The cantaloupe was John's valentine to Karen and was greatly appreciated and already eaten.  Sometimes, God smiles on us.
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