Friday, February 24, 2012

John and Shaban went out to the pump site today and the villagers have done a lot of work.  We found a guy in Bunda who can get us an Afridev pump like we want, we just have to finish raising the money.  I figure were about a thousand short, but I have every confidence we will raise the money.  The cause is just too good--water for three villages and 1,000 people near their homes and not six miles away.  The villagers are going to pay for a guard, but we are also putting a fence around it and using four stratagic welds to keep anyone from just taking a wrench and stealing it.  It shouldn't need any servicing for four and five years and then we will just bring a guy with a welding machine and generator and replace what needs replacing and weld it back up again.  You can look these pumps up on the internet if you want to see how it works and what a difference it is making in Africa.  You can also see our workers and some of Karen's students if you go to this site:
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