Monday, February 20, 2012

John and Shaban tried to get to the well today but were stopped by flooding from the weekend's rains.  It's been raining every day for a week for an hour or so, but over the weekend, the rain just didn't stop.  It has cooled everything down a bit and that's good.  Got Bwana Masele taken care of so that he won't lose his house and bicycle.  Farmers everywhere know what it's like to borrow against a crop sale that gets ruined by the weather.  Same here.  Pastor Festo came by for the last bit of money so that he can by a motorbike.  I've been concerned about his safety since we've already lost one pastor in a motorbike accident, but he promised me that he would only use it in between his five churches out in the bush and will never be on a road that has buses.  I pray he keeps that promise.  Amos had asked for a week off and we had arranged things so he could be gone.  I even gave him money for the trip, but today, he showed up for work and said he wouldn't be going, after all.  Lots of times here, I can only shake my head and wonder what's going on.  That happens a lot, in fact.  Karen's been in a lot of pain because of the rain and her rheumatoid arthritis, and we don't have medicine that works on that pain.  She smiles through it and says she wouldn't be anywhere else and to stop worrying about her.  I worry anyway--keep her in your prayers.
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