Wednesday, February 1, 2012

John and Shaban made a food run today.  If we want things liked sliced cheese, cheddar cheese (in fact, any cheese), bacon, cereal, butter, pasteurized milk, canned vegetables, and other things most Africans don't eat, we can only get them in Mwanza.  Mwanza is a two and half hour drive from here and costs about $100 just for the diesel to get there and back, so we don't make many trips.  It's been over six weeks since we've had any of the above listed foods, so we feel very good to have almost a refrigerator full of what are easily obtained basic foods in the U.S.  They left at 5:45 am and were back by 11:30 am, so they didn't mess around when they got there.  There was no Sweet and Low or any sugar substitutes for diabetics there.  We can get a hard pill form of sugar substitute, but it only works for hot drinks since no one is going to add more sugar to Coca Cola.  There are NO diet drinks here of any kind because obesity is rarely a problem in the poorest countries.  We are just thankful that there is one store in Mwanza that lets us vary our diet and add some foods that we were used to eating back home.  It's not a huge sacrifice and we could do without it, but it's nice to have it every now and again.  I'm actually starting to lose a little weight on my new diet, but as everyone knows, it piles on very fast and is slow to leave, especially since my body can no longer process fat.  Well, as they say here, "Ndivyo ilivyo" or "what can you do?".  Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.
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