Thursday, February 16, 2012

John and Shaban left early today to go start work on the ThreeVillage Well Project (that's what we're calling it).  They are working about 20 kilometers from our house east towards Ikizu.  We don't even have half of the money yet, but we have all of the faith that we will.  One way or another, this project will be finished.  They worked all day and got back here around six pm.  They had help from the locals and a hired contractor that we are paying.  They took cement to begin the building the base.  They will have to replace some of the casements, but Robi, John's friend in Musoma, is loaning them the molds for making them.  The water is 45 meters from the surface and there is at least a 15 meter column of water at the bottom--there's more but they ran out of rope. The locals fed them lunch (picture if you click on the one at the right), and, since it is summer here and hot, they had to drink lots of bottled water all day long.  While John and Shaban were there, a cattle thief was caught for stealing two cows and a huge group of men rounded up the thief's cattle and will auction them off.  He is lucky he wasn't killed because that happens frequently.  A lamb was also born while John watched.  Just the first day of work for many that will come.  Thirteen pictures with captions are reachable by clicking on the picture at right.  Karen and I are sure proud of our son who is doing this all on his own.  It was his idea and he is the foreman for all the work.  Next Wednesday, we will go to Mwanza to track down the $1,500 USD pump.  The money will be there--we are sure.  This is a God thing.
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