Monday, February 13, 2012

It rained really hard today and cooled things off considerably.  John has a tribal drum and he went up and played it at Karen's school this afternoon the kids loved it and sang and danced (along with the teachers).  John also gave himself a haircut (probably reread Karen's white eggs story) but it looked awful.  Turns out that Shaban was a barber at one time and he took John up to Martha's Place with a comb and a razor blade and now John looks again.  The car is fixed and John is going to Musoma tomorrow.  I was supposed to go to meet with an official from TTCL, but I just don't feel like it.  We also have to get John's residence permit renewed this week before it expires.  Amos is off for a week with his family in Ikizu.  Every worker gets one week a year of paid vacation and this is his.  Charlini has just been too cute lately singing songs in English and running in and jumping into Karen's lap every time she comes here from school.  It keeps a big smile on Karen's face and that is a good thing.  Have ordered the Bibles for the new churches, so they should arrive in the next week or so.
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