Friday, February 17, 2012

It only took from 8:00 am on Wednesday to noon on Friday, but John has his residence permit renewed for another two years.  He and Shaban took two more bags of cement out to the ThreeVillage Well Project today and the villagers will work over the weekend.  We had an hour of torrential rain this afternoon, so the long rains may be early this year (again).  Makes construction work fun.  There is no road to the well head where they are working and the road that gets them to the nearest village is dirt and not in very good shape, so the rain may play a bigger part in this than we would have hoped.  Charlini is now coming in from school around noon and then going out to Karen's school to work with those kids from one till four.  She is doing good work, too.  She just loves school.  I started running away from school in the first grade and kept that up until I started graduate school.  I didn't know how good I had it.  Lusi and Edina are both still out with malaria, and Shaban was complaining of chest pains this afternoon.  Keep them in your prayers for they are wonderful people and critical to the operation of our mission.  At least the rains have cooled things off a bit--it can get very hot here.  And a big thank you to all who have made contributions to the well project.  Still a long way from our goal, but we will get there--thanks to the love of many who will never see the incredible impact a well can have on the lives of the people here.  Thank you.
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