Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was up for 36 hours as a side effect of the medications I am taking and slept through Saturday, waking only to eat dinner and then go back to bed.  I'll get this thing adjusted soon; right now, it's just a minor inconvenience.  I can't stop thinking about that women who has to walk so far for water.  It was a God thing, John just shouting, "Stop the car here."  It is going to change the lives of many families.  The other day we got an email from one of the women who was here from South Carolina last August.  She said she's been thinking about Bunda every day since she left, so she's coming back this summer for two weeks to help us do two sanitation and hygiene seminars.  Right now, it's just her, but she may bring a small group.  They are all welcome.  Almost everyone who comes here leaves with a bit of Africa in their hearts and the pull is very strong.  We have some people who have been back four, five, and six times.  We just love to host folks from America and they go back with changed hearts and new way to view the world.  Her letter was such a joy to Karen, John, and me.  It made our day.
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