Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hard day, Karen, Edina, and Lusi, went to the funeral.  Karen said there were over 1,500 people there, he was so well loved as a teacher and lay pastor.  We paid for two mini buses to transport family members around to Bukore where the burial was.  We also provided the widow with funds for food for the next two months.  Pastor Festo did the funeral and Pastor Nyanza was there to help.  He only lived about four houses down past the Methodist Church, so was also a neighbor.  John had a big day in Musoma where TTCL, the national phone company, offered him a job as soon as he becomes a Tanzanian citizen which he can do February 2013.  He also has enough land in Musoma on the lake, a gift from Robi, that he can build a house there.  That will be fine if he sends someone here to help us with our electronic stuff.  Karen was sad, John was up and that's the way things are here.  John was demonstrating dousing for water and scaring our workers who held the rods and felt them move.  Tomorrow, he and Shaban are going up to the 24 families to douse for a well site.  I guess we do have a little impact on this place, but we just want to help people and advance God's Kingdom.  
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