Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bwana Masele came by today to bring the thanks from the widow of the lay pastor who died of malaria.  We provided enough transportation to take forty family and friends the 18 kilometers to the burial site.  They were very grateful.  John and Shaban went back out to douse for water and hit a jackpot.  Right in the middle of three villages with about 1,000 people they found a predug well whose pump had been stolen four years earlier.  A hand pump (no power there) for a well that deep, with a fence to prevent further theft will cost around $2,000 U.S.  The casings are already there, but of course no one can pay that much for a pump.  The original was put in by some Dutch missionaries who then left.   It worked for four years, then the villages decided they didn't need to pay for a guard, and the guard stole the pump and disappeared.  We have several good ideas to make it very difficult to ever steal it again if we can raise the money to put it in.  We will also do sanitation and hygiene seminars in each of the three villages.  Then we will put two biosand water filters in each village.  While all this is going on, we will be sending an evangelist to start a church near the well which is even spaced among the three villages.  There are no other churches there.  Bwana Masele is going to contact Pastor Nyanza and I will help get that project going.   Can't guarantee success, but it would be great if the people associate the water with the church.  We will certainly use the workshops and filters to take the message to them as well.  This is how we started the church in Kabasa.  Right now, everyone has to walk fifteen kilometers to get water.  Several of the villagers with oxen will yoke up six to eight of them and drag many gallons of water at a time.  See picture at right.  Only one picture because John was shooting video mainly.  Will post more pictures later.  All this because John saw a woman preparing and meal and walked up to her and started talking.  So much can come from so little, if your heart belongs to God.
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