Thursday, February 9, 2012

All thirteen scholarship students came by today to get their checks for the second term.  Nine of them will be graduating and four will be having one more year.  Karen's payment system she worked out is absolutely flawless even if it means work for us.  I make out all thirteen checks and she does the payment vouchers so that we have proof they've paid.  The school added another $5.00 per student from the deal we made last summer, but that's nothing and easy to pay.  Karen, John, and Shaban are going back out to the villages tomorrow to get pictures (I know they were going to do it earlier, but TIA).  John is also taking a GPS so he can show everybody on Google maps just where we are working.  John did a video on YouTube you can see at  You really should watch it, it's just four minutes long and he added subtitles.
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