Friday, January 27, 2012

We have twelve pastors staying here today.   They got lunch and dinner and six are staying with us here tonight.  Tomorrow, there will be a meeting of all the churches and I will pay for the food and drinks for them.  It's a funny group, they expect me to pay for all this and not a single one ever says "Thank you."  They even say bad things about me if the food isn't to their liking or the sodas run out.  It's a different culture and a different way to thinking.  It doesn't matter how much I do, it is never enough, and they get angry if their every need isn't paid for by me.  It is hard for me to get used to, but I have to.  I have never lived in abject poverty or anything near their level.  Everything they do for the church, they do for free.  Some get some food from their churches, but none gets any money, yet they go on preaching and bringing souls to Christ, and starting new churches.  I guess a few bruised feelings is a small price to pay.  God didn't call me here so I could be thanked and praised, that will come later in a different place (if Karen dies first and puts in a good word for me, anyway).  I seem to recall both a Beatitude about blessed are you when you are persecuted in my name, and in other places to pray for enemies.   I continue to pray for these brave men and women who have given so much to serve the church.  Their children die of malaria and many suffer from malnutrition.  I doubt I would have the strength and intestinal fortitude to do what they do.  The load is on their backs and not mine and the praise will be theirs as it should.  I have given all I have and more always shows up when I need it, so I don't worry.  Please pray for the ministers and lay pastors of the Methodist Church in Tanzania for they are changing the face of Christianity in Africa.  I just do what I can and I couldn't even do that if it wasn't for all those who have supported and continue to support our mission.  Consider this the thank you from the churches here, they don't really know how, but I do.  And I thank you and God thanks you.  May God fill you with His grace and comfort, for we all need it.  God bless you.
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