Saturday, January 28, 2012

We had two very good days of meetings and everyone is happy and excited about the future of the church.  The ministers who stayed here last night had their own meeting at Martha's Place since they don't get to see each other very often.  It was a great meeting, too.  Today, Presiding Bishop Monto led the Annual Conference meeting.  At last our fight with the Kenya church is over.  They finally took the advice I gave them at the court meeting in Magu last year and have renamed their church.  We are the Methodist Church in Tanzania and are evangelical in theology.  They have named their church the Tanzania Methodist Church (not much of a change, but it fixes everything) and they are pentecostal in theology.  They elected our old rogue pastor, Leopold, from Tireme as their bishop and will confine their evangelism and church building from Mwanza south to Shinyanga and Dodoma not challenging anyplace where we have churches.  The last court case was decided in our favor in Musoma on Tuesday.  Rev. Leopold is still living in the parsonage in Tireme that belongs to our church, so he will be moving out next month and heading south.  The new Kenya church is meeting in our church building in Magu, and the District Commissioner will order that they vacate that building next week.  After that, we can focus our attention of what we have been called to do.  If the board of the One Book Foundation votes to send money for bicycles, Bibles, and sewing machines among other things it will be a really good kick start to our new expansion.  Karen was tired but she finished her sewing seminars today (see pictures at right) and told Bishop Monto she would do more for any church that wanted to have them.  We are all tired and I can't seem to get my glucose level tester working properly after sticking my finger six times today.  Maybe someone in the U.S.  knows of a new and better way to do this and can get the stuff to me--it would make me very happy.  I am full of love for Christ and His church right now and angry that I don't have the energy to do more than I can, but that will come.  I am already a lot better than I was six weeks ago.  Keep on praying for our churches, our mission, and our family.  We love you all.
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