Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomorrow will be a very busy day.  Edina was gone all day due to a funeral and has a lot of catching up to do since her helper has also been out for a funeral.  John and Shaban are leaving at 7:00 am to take a filter to a missionary in Bweri on the way to Musoma, then John has to get to a big meeting at Juason.  While John's doing that, Shaban will get Fabiani enrolled in the vocational school back at Bweri.  Shaban also has to pick up some blood pressure medication for me at the Coptic Hospital and get a check cashed.  Then they both have to get back here to work on a five filter project.  Karen is still getting her strength back from this weekend.  I had a very nice visit with Trevor (Samantha Archer's father).  She is close to giving birth so they are all leaving on Wednesday to go to Nairobi to have the baby.  When her family comes back to Bunda, it will be a family of seven.  When we got here, we were the only three non-Africans in Bunda.  That number is about to jump to ten.  We are praying for a safe flight and a healthy baby for Sam and her family.  We are also working on getting all the documents together to get John's residence permit ($550 USD--must be American money) renewed in the next three weeks.  They are good for two years at a time.  That's about all I'm good for--two years at a time.  Don't plan much beyond that.  Leaving things to God takes a lot of pressure off. 
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