Monday, January 23, 2012

Tomorrow, I go the Coptic Christian Hospital in Musoma to find out if I'm going to need insulin injections from now on, or maybe they'll try the medications for another month--just don't know.  Have to go to Social Security for a meeting after their inspection last week.  John will be teaching at Juason, and we need to buy another fan.  Nothing lasts forever.  We can buy one that will last for just one month and then the next one (just like it) will last three years (a mystery to me).  We are also getting Juliana's son, Fabiani, into a vocational school for electricians.  We're paying for the first half, and if he does well, we will keep paying.  Today was fan cleaning day.  Almost every room has one or more fans because of the heat, and because we have no glass in our windows, the dirt piles up quickly.  John is going to try to get glass in some of his windows, but it may raise the heat level too much.  We will see.  Charlini was singing a little song today and as I listened, she was singing about her far away friend, Samantha.  Samantha is from Fayetteville, AR, and was here for a week last August.  She and Charlini formed a bond quickly.  You never know how far a little caring and love will go--so keep on caring.
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