Monday, January 16, 2012

Shaban left for Nairobi today--it's a twelve hour bus ride, but he should be back on Wednesday with another six months supply of meds.  God bless him for twenty-four hours of bus riding just to help us out.  There are really nice people here.  Karen has had a teacher out sick for several weeks now and hired a new one today who was trained in Kenya and speaks English really well.  She and Shaban went into town this morning for supplies for her seminar next Saturday.  Because of the high prices that are hurting everyone (us as well) the government is giving out free 50 lb. sacks of corn to everyone.  So, one by one, all our staff took off to go get some.  We, like many, are living on a fixed income that hasn't changed in seven years, but a sack of cement when we came here was 11,000 Tsh--it is now 22,000 Tsh.  Diesel has made the same changes except it is almost 23,000 Tsh a liter today.  Sugar was 500 Tsh a kilo when we got here.  It is now 2,500 to 3,000 Tsh when you can get it.  Rice has gone from 750 Tsh a kilo to 2,000 Tsh a kilo.   Wages have not risen at all in seven years for the people who work and live here, yet food is two to three times as much as it was.  This means many are starving and even more are malnourished.  It also means our giving two cups of hot uji (porridge) to the 200 orphans at St. Wiggins Academy is even more important.  We will do without many things before we have to alter that, although in another three or four months it may cost $300 a month instead of $200 to buy the same stuff.  This is not something we can change, only suffer with as they do.  Keep us all in your prayers.
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