Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shaban had malaria but worked anyway today.  Shaban is our driver/handyman/helper/translator/paperwork advisor and a few other things.  I met him in 2003, and he has been working with us ever since.  He has saved my life twice by getting me to the right doctor at the right time and I had no idea what to do.  Juliana cooks lunch and dinner and cleans our room and does our laundry as well as the shopping every day.  Lusi cooks breakfast, washes John's clothes, cleans the house, and does all the ironing.  Everything needs to be ironed to kill parasites, so there's a lot of ironing.  Amos and Francis are our security guards, Edina does all the other building cleaning and landscaping with the help of Andrew John, who is new.  Neema cooks for the school and works as a teacher's aide, and Bwana Masele teaches at the school.  I know you've been seeing these names without knowing exactly who they were so save this as a reference.  Karen is still working on her final sewing workshop this Saturday and John is getting ready for his class tomorrow of students who bus down from Mwanza.  We are in the middle of summer here, and it is hot.  In Swahili they say "jua mkali"  which means "fierce sun" and boy are they right.  Nobody does much work from one o'clock to three because of the heat.  Happily, our thick walls and thatched roof keeps us fairly cool inside.  We also have fans which are very nice.  God bless whoever invented them.
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