Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our missionary friend, Allison, got her new filter today and is very happy.  She could actually see worms in the water she was using before.  She won't be sick so often now.  We got Juliana's son, Fabiani, enrolled in a vocational boarding school where he will study electrical stuff.  Before she left today, Juliana called Karen, John, and me into the living room and prayed for us including thanks for fifteen minutes through her tears.  Her eyes weren't the only ones damp when she was through.  We now have all the forms for getting John's residence permit renewed, just need six passport sized pictures which is a snap (get it?).  Karen was better today.  I met with a pastor who needed school fees for his two children in secondary school and was able to help him.  Had to spend another $150 on the lawsuits because they moved the final one from Musoma to Mwanza, but what can you do?  Karen's school is running smoothly with 17 students at present.  Was also able to pay for the food for the 200 orphans at St. Wiggins Academy as well.  John and Shaban are leaving at 6:00 am tomorrow to go to Mwanza to see if they can find non-African food for diabetics (stuff like Sweet and Low).  They're leaving early because Shaban has to be back by noon for a court case involving the guys who stole his phone.  It's never boring here.  John's also paid to get sliding glass windows in his room.  The windows were only available here last month, but they seal well and let him open half with a screen on the other side.  He's very happy here, as are we all.
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