Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last week only the head teacher and one other woman showed up from Lamadi (St. Wiggins Academy) for Karen's workshop, so they pleaded with her to do it again this Saturday.  Karen is teaching the same thing that Ruth Matthews taught several years ago.  Today eight women and four men showed up (with children, of course).  Karen has been working all week to get this ready and got the last thing in place at 6:00 pm last night, so she was ready.  They loved it, ate it up.  Almost every teacher has had that experience when the light bulb turns on in a student's head and they get so excited that they see the connection between what they're learning and what that really means to them.  Today that happened to every single person who showed up.  Karen wore herself out, teaching all day, and after more pleading and begging, agreed to do another next week so they can finish up the project which Karen will raffle off to one of the students, but the main thing is that they now have the skills to use the sewing machine the group from South Carolina gave them.  They also learned that they can do many things with what others throw away--no investment in supplies.  We can do this for almost every church as long as Karen's health holds up or we train one of the Lamadi ladies to teach as well.  The sewing machines are about $200 (treadle powered) but that's such a small investment for so much return.  John took a bunch of pictures so click on the one at the right to see all of them with captions.  Did I tell you that Karen is my hero even if it took four men to get her back up off the ground where she was setting.  Guess God's not through with us yet.
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