Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Karen was strong enough today to work with the school kids and to get stuff ready for her seminar on Saturday.  The walks are definitely helping.  I got in touch with a friend I haven't seen in over thirty years and we picked up just like we  had been together last week.  It was quite a lift.  Samantha Archer's father, Trevor, came over for a visit yesterday which was also a shot in the arm.  I really like him.  This is his third trip to Tanzania, but his daughter keeps having babies, so he keeps coming.  Shaban made in back and brought the medicine to us today which I wasn't expecting but am rather pleased about it.  Karen is making me liver and onions twice a week to fight the anemia and it's great because I love it--it is also very cheap here, but they don't understand why I don't want the heart as well.  We have been watching the DVD collection of "Northern Exposure" once a week for the last two years and watched the last one last night.  We will wait about six months and then start over because by then we won't remember what happened at the beginning.  There are some perks to old age.
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