Thursday, January 19, 2012

Karen and John went on their neighborhood walk again this morning.  This is helping Karen immensely.  John has been very good about getting up early and getting her going.  Every day she walks, she has a good day, so we hope it continues.  Our charity money has run out for this month and we are still getting requests for travel money to a funeral, school fees, and other good causes.  All I can tell them is to wait till our social security is wired to us and maybe we can help in week or two.  Having to say no is very difficult although they accept it with no anger or resentment.  They are also just as thankful when we can only give them half of what they were asking.  We can only do what we have the resources to do.  When I think of how wasteful I was when I was living in the States--oh well, no point in that, I was just doing what everyone else was.  Still, school started yesterday and the kids and the teachers were very happy, and we have seven new filters to make and deliver.  Next week, I go back to the hospital in Musoma to see how the meds have been doing.  We will pray for good results.
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