Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It was a good news/bad news kind of day.  The good news is that while I will still need medication that makes me sick for my diabetes, I will not have to have insulin injections.  The medication had brought me down to a high normal reading.  The bad news is I still have to take the medication and stay sick for some time to come.  My anemia is better thanks to taking vitamins and eating liver twice a week, but I still have a ways to go.  John found a glucose level tester in a little shop in Musoma.  Brand new and unbelievable.  We bought a fan for Karen as this is one of the hottest summers we've had.  John had a high level meeting with the head guys at TTCL (the national phone company) and Bunda should be getting 3G service next month (for those who know what that means).  I was wiped out after we got back and especially sad to discover that the second ingredient in ketchup is sugar.  John also found the equivalent of Sweet and Low at a local store and bought all they had, so I can have iced tea with a sugar taste at least.  John spent the evening tonight at the Australian missionaries house.  About once a month they invite him over for dinner and to play board games--he loves it.  I've got a lot of emailing and writing to do, but seldom feel good enough to do it, still you do what you gotta.  God give me strength.

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