Friday, January 13, 2012

I tried to cash a check yesterday only to have Shaban text me that it was some kind of national holiday and the bank was closed.  Therefore, I really needed money from the bank today (we have no bank in Bunda), so I sent Shaban back to get the money needed to pay for Karen's heart medication.  Shaban will travel to Nairobi next week to pick up and pay for the meds and bring them back.  I was too sick to go with him, so just sent a check.  Shaban was back around noon because I had put 2011 instead of 2012 for the date so they wouldn't cash it.  I wrote a new check and he went back but texted me that there were around 300 people in the bank.  He arrived back in Bunda at 6 pm with the money.  Ten hours to cash one check plus four hours riding back and forth to the bank.  He's leaving Monday to go to Nairobi, but the next time you think the person in front of you is taking too long--consider driving over 240 miles getting nothing the first day and taking ten hours the next day to do the same thing.  TIA (this is Africa).  Patience is an absolute necessity for anyone living here or wherever for that matter.  Slow down, what needs to happen will happen, just not always on your schedule.
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