Thursday, January 26, 2012

Had a meeting with Bwana Masele to get ready for the meetings starting tomorrow.  Tomorrow it's just the ministers and then Saturday it's for all the churches and I'm expected to provide food, drink, and lodging--and I will.  If they made me bishop just so I'd do this, well that's no problem for me.  I've already sent the board a list of requests, but after Saturday, I know I'll have another list.  John taught his students all day today which always makes him happy.  Karen had Juliana get all the knots our of her hair and braided it and it looks good.  I'm feeling a little better and am sleeping less which is good.  Andrew John's mother in law died and he's off till Monday because that's they way they do things here.  Paid for Amos's kids (2) school fees and new tires and tubes for Bwana Masele's bicycle.  We will be getting Juliana's son in school on Monday.  After Karen, John, and I paying 180,000 Tsh for the school there was another 50,000 Tsh necessary for uniform, shoes, and such and Shaban paid for that out of his pocket.  I'll pay him back after we get our monthly money next month, but wasn't that a nice gesture.  Also found out today that our security guards (who take care of the generator) didn't know that gasoline would evaporate and never had tight seals on the containers.  I guess our carbon footprint is bigger than it should be, but we are fixing that.  It's always something.  Keep us in your prayers and pray for the One Book Foundation board meeting on Saturday.  God bless you all.
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