Thursday, January 12, 2012

Even though today was a national holiday (I have no idea what one) John's students rode the bus down and spent the day learning.  They are like sponges around him and think he knows everything.  I can remember having professors like that.  Karen is having a seminar to teach how to use treadle sewing machines this Saturday for the ladies from Lamadi.  Shaban got his son, Hamish, into Standard Three which is about second grade by American standards and was excited about that.  Tomorrow we get the official forms for Juliana's son to get into vocational school in Bweri (boarding school) but it is between here and Musoma so he won't be so far from home.  We hope to get him enrolled next week.  Sometime next week, Shaban will do a quick bus trip to Nairobi to get Karen's heart meds and my blood pressure meds renewed.  The medicine isn't available here in Tanzania.  It will cost $1,000 but that's for two people, so $500 each, and that's for six months, so about $85 a month per person.  We've paid a lot more in the states with insurance but it's still a lot of money for us fixed income folks.  Oh, and way to go Hogs!
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