Monday, January 9, 2012

A child was killed by a bus right here in Bunda this morning and the bus didn't even stop--just sped away.  It was found with the driver missing and the riders all standing around a few miles outside of Bunda.  A little girl on her way to school.  It's not like it's bad enough with malaria, cholera, typhoid, and malnutrition, but traffic is just as lethal.   Because there is so little real traffic, children are not brought up to fear cars or crossing streets like American kids are.  It's part of the reason Karen, John, and myself no longer drive and haven't for several years.  Each time I get in the car I pray that no one suffers because of our driving.  January 9th and we've already given away over a thousand dollars in school fees to every member of the staff, pastors, lay pastors, and the occasional neighbor.  No one person gets over a hundred dollars, mostly twenty or forty, but they don't believe school in the U.S. is free--and that there are people who don't go even when it's free.  In a fit of generosity, Karen promised the Director of Education an iPad for three of the new libraries.  God does provide, but sometimes you got to get off your tuchis and raise the money yourself.  Karen blamed me for making her generous.  Not a bad compliment if you ask me.
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