Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big day.  Karen had a sewing machine seminar for the ladies from Lamadi, but all couldn't come, so she is doing another one next week.  Collins, the head teacher is going to the district office in Magu to get St. Wiggins Academy legally registered with a number and everything.  John baked homemade bread yesterday that was fantastic.  He went to the Missionary Fellowship today and had a great time, as well as selling six new biosand filters.  I was too ill to do much, but did meet with the General Secretary of the church to help get ready for our fourth court appearance in Musoma on Monday.  We are still being sued by the Methodist Church of Kenya, however when Rev. Makena found out if he lost he would be personally responsible for all court costs, he retired.  The Kenya church quickly replaced him with the other rogue pastor from Tireme (has already lost a court case there) Rev. Leopold who should be court on Monday.  We should win easily, paying our attorney is another matter, but that's in the hands of God.  Pray for all those who think suing each other is the way Christians should behave.  It saddens me deeply.  I also miss sugar and stuff.  We have no diet drinks here, no sugar substitutes.  My beverage choices are unsweetened tea and water.  Some of this diabetes stuff really sucks.  Keep me in your prayers.
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