Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another neighborhood death today--it is always present.  We are getting the forms to get Juliana's son in vocational school and will pay for the first term.  If he works at it, we will pay for the second term as well for he needs to be able to get work and with no training (it's a two year program), there's no work.  John and Karen are going on walks around the neighborhood every morning at seven.   They've done three straight days and it is helping Karen a lot.  I still don't have the energy to join them, but maybe soon.  We have been disappointed again by neighbors whom we've helped who are complaining about us.  We give funeral money, free water from our well, and John will soon have his free phone charging project working.  It is disappointing, but it does not change anything.  All our gifts are just that--we expect no thanks and understand that some will even complain and abuse us verbally.  Still, we continue to give because that was our commandment.  It does happen that every now and then a student will come back to thank Karen, or a scholarship student will come by to visit and thank us.  That is always a big lift, but we never expect it.  The people who know us best are very appreciative of all we've done and let us know.  The rest is small stuff--you know--don't sweat the small stuff.  Do what God asks you to do and don't expect to the showered with thanks--at least not here.  Thanks are coming, Jesus just didn't say when exactly.  Besides, doing what you know to be good and right is a good feeling.
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