Friday, December 16, 2011

We've had a lot of fun learning about goats.  We can buy a kid (baby goat) for just $25, so if anyone wants to enjoy what we've been enjoying, it doesn't take a lot of money.   We were able to buy a breeding pair with a pregnant female but the prices have been going up as Christmas nears, so we couldn't buy the 50 lbs. of corn.  Still, a mother with four children and a husband recently dead from AIDS was in bad shape.  AIDS still carries a stigma here so that extended family refuses to help.  This family was on its last legs as you can see from the smiles when they got the goats.  They have no idea who bought them except that it was Christians who wanted them to know that God still loved them.  Do click on the picture at right so you can see the other shots.  I don't think we've ever felt this good about doing something that only Shaban knew about.  We don't even know the name of the family, but it doesn't matter.  We were able to give them a future.  There's something wonderful and very Christian about that.  We are happy.
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