Thursday, December 29, 2011

We received good and bad tidings together today.  A husband and wife, John and Sarah Haw, who are dear friends sent us their annual Christmas letter (which is the only way we hear--they don't do electronic stuff).  I performed their wedding in North Carolina over twenty years ago.  We haven't seen each other in at least that long but our relationship is as strong as if we see them every day.  We learned that the wife had undergone breast cancer surgery, chemo and the whole shooting match.  She has survived and she and her husband can be seen in matching pink at Breast Cancer Awareness events.  They have two wonderful children (which circumstances have kept us from ever seeing) but we know them and love them through their Christmas letters.  We were deeply saddened and yet joyful she survived.  It's funny how emotionally connected you can be with friends you haven't seen for years, yet we weep with them and share their joy.  John Haw has always been one of my best friends and the intervening years have done nothing to change it.  Pray for all those friends, I know you have them, too, that you don't often see but carry in your heart every day.  Don't let God forget you love them.
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