Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We are much happier now that all the experts have come and examined all our electrical damage.  I thought the repair costs would be in the thousands of dollars, but the solar just needed some new wire and three new bulbs for a cost of about $40 plus the $10 for the bus fare for the solar guy.  The computers fared fairly well, too.  We got a new antenna at no charge, but we did burn up two Apple components.  One is $180 and one is $100 which is not bad.  The problem is that we can't get them here.  We did find out that DHL will deliver to Mwanza which is almost here and keeps customs from stealing stuff.  There is an Apple store in Dar Es Salaam and we can replace them there for 800,000 Tsh which is about $600, much faster, no customs problems, and Shaban can ride the bus down and back and stay with friends, so that 800,000 Tsh includes transportation and room and board, so as soon as we can get our hands on an extra 800,000 Tsh, we can be back up and running.  We have internet here in the house, but without those components, John can't use his computer lab, so as some would say, just a minor inconvenience--albeit a very, very loud one.  No one died and no one's house burned, so we got off pretty lucky.  Just seems like all the extra stuff we need always comes three weeks before Christmas--maybe next year we can plan for it.  Still, we got the goats for the family here and we got gifts to all the family we have back in the States already delivered.  Way to go,  I'm sleeping almost sixteen hours to eighteen hours a day and that just don't seem right, but everything else seems okay.  Just old and tired I guess.  Keep us in your prayers, we keep you in ours.
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