Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tomorrow is a national holiday, Tanzania's Fourth of July.  We've given all the staff the day off but the security guard who was happy to receive double pay as was Lusi, so just two instead of eight.  I'm going to Musoma to meet with the owner of a duke (shop) who wants to stock the kinds of stuff we've been having to drive to Mwanza to buy.  If it works it will save us a lot just on diesel.  Juliana sprained her ankle this afternoon, but we had ace bandages to patch it up and she gets to rest tomorrow anyway.  We're still having a lot of trouble with our internet because it seems there is only one old man at TTCL (phone company) than knows how to throw the switch to reset everything.  Shaban trained one of the female clerks today, so it may not be such a problem in the future.  We had so many good feelings about giving the goats that Karen, John, and I agreed to pool the money we would spend on each other this Christmas and get a pair of goats for a poor family.  There is a woman who lost eight of her family including her husband in a ferry sinking and has been really struggling since then.  If we can work it out, she will get the goats doing it the same way with Shaban being the only one of us she sees.  We are really excited about this.  It's one thing to give a tie that won't be worn and quite another to give life to a family.  The price difference isn't all that much either.  I think this is what Christmas is supposed to be about.
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