Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today was spent mostly in repair work.  Still have  a bit to do to get the solar lights on the house up and running.  The rest are doing well.  Still have to spend quite a bit of money to get the computers all up and running, but the ones in the house are doing fine.  Charlini had her fifth birthday and a friend in the states sent her some stuff.  We she proud!  I doesn't seem like five years since her fifteen year old mother died, but I know it happened because I was there.  Charlini is such a joy.  We had a staff meeting and everyone seemed to be happy, but we have to remind them not to talk about what goes on in the mission.  If they mention they saw a lot of money--even if it was for church construction--we could have robbers thinking about ripping us off.   Of course, the fence, the armed security guard, and the three dogs to a good job of keeping us safe.  Still raining some every day and no Christmas decorations or any other sign that it's Christmas except in our house.  We have a little tree.  It works just fine.
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