Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today, a family in Arkansas gave the gift of life to a family in Bunda, Tanzania.  Widow Patrobo (whose husband was a dear friend of our family, a church member, and helped found over ten churches in our area) has been cast a pariah by her neighbors and fellow church members over superstition.  She has been struggling over the past year to feed her three grown sons, two are trying to get into vocational school and the other is still in secondary school, but it has been difficult with no help from anyone.  Shaban went to the goat market in Kiabakari and bought a pair of goats (male and female--female pregnant) and presented them to the family.  Karen and I kept away because we didn't want to have a line of hundreds of people expecting goats outside our door plus it keeps the prices down if no white faces are visible.  Shaban told the widow Patrobo that the goats were the gift of a loving family in Arkansas.  She cried, laughed, and prayed.  We also gave fifty pounds of corn so they wouldn't be tempted to eat the goats right away.   There are several pictures you can get to by just clicking on the one on the right.  I encourage you to see them, they will lift your spirits as they did ours.  God bless the goat givers (never thought I'd say that)!
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