Sunday, December 11, 2011

The sun appeared today after weeks of clouds, rains, and flooding.  We were able to dry our clothes which is a nice thing if you don't have a dryer you can turn on.  At 6:00 am,  the gong of the Carmelite Convent began calling people to prayer.  Later it was bells, and then singing. Many churches begin singing and don't stop till almost everyone is present.  It is  a beautiful way to honor the Sabbath Day.  May we hear bells and singing in our hearts every Sunday morning, and if we awake with fear or hurt in our hearts, may the bells and singing help to drive them away.  We set one day aside for God, but God sets every day aside for us.  There is no time when you cannot speak to Him and He will not listen.  You cannot go so far away that He is not still beside you.  There is no sin He will not forgive.  We are His beloved children; today we dress up for Him but no matter How we are dressed He is always there for us, arms open wide, a smile on His face, welcoming us into the warmth of His grace and love.  All we have to do is accept it.  You'd think we all would instantly, but if you're like me, you didn't think you deserved it, so you turned away.  One day, you discover you can never deserve it, you can only accept it--and the world will never look the same to you again.  If you haven't already, fall into those embracing arms today, as His child you are loved so very, very much.  Let Him love you and look after you, you have enough to do.  Amen.
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