Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lusi was back today and we were all very happy.  Unfortunately, Francis's four-year-old half brother died of malaria yesterday and Neema's father died as well.  Again, life and death here are very real and a very active part of life.  We will be buying goats tomorrow for the widow of Bwana Patrobo (some of you may remember him--he was only four feet tall).  She has children and the family has blamed her for her husband's death and doesn't help her in any way.  The woman we were originally going to help has a boyfriend with a good job that moved in with her.  You have to know the whole story before you help if you don't want to waste resources.  It is still raining every day and we have had to buy rubber boots for every member of the staff.  Worst we can remember in seven years, but we will struggle on because God has never called anyone to give up.
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