Friday, December 2, 2011

Lusi had to go the hospital today with a very painful scorpion bite.  It came out of the charcoal she was using to cook breakfast for her family and put her in tears.  We hope to see her tomorrow.  The rain seems to have abated a bit but our Australian missionary friend posted this: 
Samantha Archer: Last night as I was driving home from Mwanza (in the dark around 7pm) it had been raining heaps and the road was covered with people - I said to the kids "Why are all these people on the road?" then we looked to the side and saw the water was more than 1/2 way up some of the houses and the high road was the only dry place for everyone in the town to be - unbelievable! When we got home Ezekiel prayed for all the people who were stuck on the road - it was very moving.
For my thirty or so faithful readers, I have created a website.  It's not quite complete but you can check it out at:
Hope you like it

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