Monday, December 12, 2011

Juliana's son, Fabiani, is a free man today.  Juliana paid the man whose things were stolen half of what he claimed they were worth.  Today was the third court hearing and the man making the charges has to appear at each session.  He didn't appear today, so all charges were dropped.  The boy who stole the stuff and ran off to Shinyanga (about 300 kilometers away) has never been heard from since.  The other boy had to serve two months in prison waiting for the court today, so he is free, too, although two months in a Tanzanian prison is a hard lesson.  Juliana's son had to serve two weeks, but he is really wanting to get into vocational school next month, so maybe a lesson was learned there as well.  I was in jail when I was 22 years old, convicted and got time served.  It was enough of a lesson for me.  I wouldn't even pass if the yellow line was in my lane and stopped at yellow traffic lights for years.  It wore off, but enough stayed with me to keep me on the straight and narrow.   Some lessons in life cannot be learned, they have to be experienced.  Lucky you, if you learned from the mistakes of others and watching CSI.  God forgives us for sins great and small, but our world will still punish us.  There are men serving life sentences who are not devout Christians with nothing to gain from the courts here, but lots to gain from the Court Above.  I truly believe there will be a judgement day, and there are a lot of shoes, many of them Christians, that I will be happy I am not standing in before the Throne.  I will have enough trouble with my own.   This is a long way of saying, don't be on the "naughty" side of the list.
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