Tuesday, December 27, 2011

John has typhoid, malaria, bronchitis, and something else I can't pronounce.  He's pretty sick, but he's here at the house.  We have to have everybody tested, Karen and I go to the hospital tomorrow for our tests.  We are sending all our staff, some went today, some went tomorrow and of course we are paying for the testing.  John's never had malaria before, so this is a first for him after six years.  I've got some other problems, but I don't know if they can even test for them much less have the medications.  It's time for more medication for Karen in Nairobi and we have some friends going, but we just don't have the money, they are very expensive and impossible to get in Tanzania.  We have enough for another month or so, so maybe we'll get a miracle.  Everything is gray and dreary because of the rains.  The flooding has gone down in Musoma at least, but it is still at the torrential rainfall rate.   Thanks to everyone who thought of us this Christmas.  We always enjoy being remembered, even if it just in Facebook or Google+ post.  May all God's blessings come your way and may you see the coming year through more Christlike eyes.
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