Thursday, December 8, 2011

It took almost all day thanks to the iffy internet, but we now have modest gifts winging their way to all the members of our family back in the U.S.  God bless for allowing us to participate in American Christmas.   There are no trees up here, no tinsel, no caroling, no parties, thankfully no commercials, but we do miss the season of Christmas.  Here it is a small family affair with no gift giving and only church services to commemorate it.  In many ways, it is wonderful, but we do miss the cookies, the stockings, the mall Santas, and the Christmas carols on every radio station and in every store.  Plus, there is no snow or even cold--just rain.  Guess there are places in the U.S. like that but most of all we miss the Christmas eve candlelight services and singing "Silent Night" in English.  Whenever you are with family this season, do lift a glass of egg nog to us--we'll appreciate it.
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