Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another big graduation day.  Cakes and sodas, new songs for the parents and the students decided to wear all red for the special day.  It was a whopping success.  Neema, Bwana Masele, Mwalimu Terance, and Mama Africa were all there and got to hear thank you songs sung to each one of them.  They got carried away and sang thank you songs to me (Magesa Mamba) and to Brother Johni as well, even though we didn't have much to do with it.  John as least took pictures and baked the cake.  There were no leftover pieces of cake, that was for sure.  The students love our/their school and don't want to leave.  Next term, Karen is going to experiment with younger children (a year younger than these) and I think she will have just as much success.  This school has been a blessing to all it's touched, and there is quite a waiting list.  Thank each of you who has contributed to make this school the success it is.  It costs $280 a month to operate or about $3,000 a year and the result is just priceless.   Thank you for your faith in us.
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