Friday, December 30, 2011

All the staff has been tested and only John has Typhoid.  Edina is still out with malaria, and bless her heart, she has no one at home to take care of her.  Her husband and one child have died and one son is in Dar Es Salaam working and her daughter Paulina is in a school near Geita.  We took her medications and she looked a little better.  Charlini also has malaria. You would never know here that the a new year is coming, every day is pretty much the same.   Almost everyone here has cell phones but virtually no one has power at their home to charge the batteries.  There are shops that charge them to do it but only when the shop is open and there is a cost.  John figured out a way to set up a battery of battery chargers that we can offer to the neighbors for free.  We hang it inside the fence every morning and bring it in every night.  It's protected from the rain and I think it's just gol darn cool.  Pictures at right.  A little ingenuity and need sometimes go hand in hand.
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