Friday, November 4, 2011

Whew!  What a day.  John taught in Musoma today, and I went with him so the doctor could check my head wound (which was okay).  I spent two hours at the bank to get our ATM cards (new ones) and then the heavens opened.  While Shaban was driving, the horn honked by itself and died and the wipers went nuts and then they died.  We decided we needed to service the battery (no sealed-no maintenance batteries here) but the alternator blew up before we could get there.  Waited till the rain shifted from torrential to just mildly hard and pushed the car to a shade-tree garage.  When the rain stopped, the guys got out a blanket, spread it out on the ground and then proceeded to rebuild the alternator.  They would need a tool they didn't have, so one of the guys would ride off on a bicycle and return fairly quickly with a borrowed wrench.  Finally, they gave up and said we needed a new one, but there were no new ones available and if there were it would be more than I could afford.  One young man rode off and returned a little later with a used alternator from a different model Toyota, but it worked.  I asked no questions since I was afraid someone else now needed a new alternator.  Got it going but it failed before we got back to the road.  Back to the mechanics (fundi's here) and they found a loose wire and then all was hunky dory.  Luckily, John had a lot to do at Juason besides his teaching, so he was just ready to go when we showed up.  We got home and heard the sound of the generator as we got out of the car.  Welcome to our world.
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