Friday, November 11, 2011

We got a much needed and very generous gift of money from the U.S., and so we are now immediately putting it to use.  I will be going to Musoma on Monday to order the hand-cranked wheelchair for our scholarship student, but even more exciting is that Karen is teaching a two-day seminar for the teachers at St. Wiggins Academy.  Three came today and are spending the night and four more will be arriving tomorrow.  We are feeding them and hosting them and paying for their transportation from Lamadi.  Karen is teaching them her method of teaching English faster and more thorough that she learned teaching ESL in Springdale.  It is the method we have been using here for our school for the past several years and all our students have done very well on the English tests in the public schools.  She also holds seminars for the teachers from the Bunda Teachers College.  The teachers from St. Wiggins Academy are eating it up, particularly since they were already doing part of it.  This just reinforces what they were doing and gives them new tools to be better teachers.  They are so very grateful.  It's taking a lot out of Karen, but she insists she must do this.  She's my hero and is helping hundreds of students in the process.  You gotta love her.
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