Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday is a good time to get in touch with God.  Not that it is the only time, but we were asked to set a day aside and make it special.  We are the ones who decide to make it special, and we do that by going to church, praying, praising, singing, meditating, and spending time with other Christians who inspire us or need us.  This does not change, no matter your age.  I remember going to church with my mother and father from as soon as I could remember.  I remember dressing up and Dad's terrible singing voice which did not discourage him in any way from belting out his favorite hymns.  I remember coming home from church and Dad barbecuing chicken on the patio.  Somehow, according to him, the livers always fell through the grates into the coals.  Sometimes, he would let me help and I caught him eating the livers.  To this day, I love chicken livers--I think because they remind me of my dad more than anything else.  That's why we take one day and make it special--to remind us of our Father who loves us in spite of ourselves.  So, in some ways, every Sunday is Father's Day if we make it so.  I do and I hope you do, too.  God bless all of you reading this.  Thank you for caring about us.
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